NanoLub® LiX #2 EP + Grease

Fully Formulated Lubricants

NanoLub® LiX #2 EP + Grease is a premium super strong IF-WS2 formulated grease especially designed for the most demanding EP applications. Formulated to function in the most extreme conditions, the potent, fully formulated grease, boasts an increase concentrate of out IF-WS2 tungsten disulfide multilayered nano-fullerene like particles. Under extreme pressure conditions, the solid IF-WS2 particles bond to the surface of the meal, lowering friction and wear while providing outstanding load-bearing capabilities.


  • Formulated for use with the most demanding industrial, automotive and heavy-duty applications.
  • Especially suited for mining, steel mills, paper, cement production and other industries with extremely demanding EP applications
  • Superior performance under EP conditions; high temperature, pressure and speed.
  • Easily outperforms traditional LiX and Li greases due to its enhance concentrate of proprietary IF-Ws2 nanoparticles.
  • A Fully-formulated ready to use lubricant with proven performance.

NanoLub® is based on NIS’ unique patented technology using solid tungsten disulfide WS₂ multilayered nano fullerene-like particles. These unique multi-layer IF-WS₂ nano-spheres are well-known to show outstanding temperature (-270 °C to 450 °C), shock (5,076,000 PSI) and pressure (4,263,000 PSI) resistance and renders them to be versatile under extreme operating conditions including high and ultra-low temperatures, high pressure and high vacuum, high load, high rotating speed, high radiation and corrosion conditions.

Fullerene (2)

Due to its size (120-280 nm)  and morphology of IF-WS₂ nanoparticles, they easily fill the asperities and irregular surface of the metals providing excellent load bearing and anti-wear properties. Under high loads (>1 GPa), the layers peels from the spheres forming a thin protective monolayer of WS₂ on the surface of the metal thereby reducing friction and wear between the metals.



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