NIS is Breaking New grounds, Reaching All Six Continents and Moving IF-WS2 Forward


May is a very busy month for Nanotech Industrial Solutions this year. Our specialists and sales teams are traveling extensively, covering vast territory from Australia to India and from the Czech Republic to Nashville, TN. We are spreading the word about NIS’s proprietary technology in additives for lubricants, industrial fluids, oils and greases based on submicron spherical particles IF-WS2

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Itsik Havakuk,  was invited to speak at Austmine Conference in Brisbane to present NIS’s newest developments and products that would be beneficial to the Mining Industry. As NIS is ready to open the Mining community minds and hearts to the next wave of disruptive technology and innovation, Mr. Havakuk speech was tailored according to this year’s Austmine theme ‘Mining Innovation: The Next Horizon’. It aligns perfectly with NIS’s motto : “Engineering a Stronger Tomorrow”. Our goal is not only to keep the Mining Industry moving forward, but moving smart, cost-effective and safe. It is possible thanks to NIS’s outstanding technology.  Our work and independently conducted trials show that IF-WS2 deliver significantly improved performance in extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-friction testing.

Itsik Havakuk, NIS’s VP of Sales & Marketing


For operators of mining equipment and machinery these properties translate into availability and tangible overall cost reduction. What might be even more interesting, is the fact that IF-WS2 particles has been proven environmentally friendly as well,” says Mr. Havakuk, adding that NIS’s technology was awarded ISO 14001 certification. Don’t miss Mr. Havakuk speech at the Austmine conference.



While Mr. Havakuk has already landed in Australia, NIS’ CEO Dr. George Diloyan is prepping for his nearly fully booked presentation on Tribological and Anti-Corrosion Property of IF–WS2 Particle in Aqueous System at STLE Annual meeting in Tennessee. Dr. Diloyan will be presenting new data on how inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide particles improve tribological performance, cooling capacity of water and anticorrosion properties in Metalworking fluids.

Dr. George Diloyan, PhD, NIS’s CEO


“We are very proud to say that Nanotech Industrial Solutions is the only company in the world that can control the shape and size of inorganic particles, and we own an exclusive worldwide license for commercialization of IF-WS2,” says Dr. Diloyan. “Together with our partners and customers around the world we are ready to meet the global demand for efficiency and sustainability.” 


This was the message that resonated this May in India, where NIS’s Director Of Technical Sales & Marketing, Dr. Manish Patel, met with our clients, including the industry’s heavyweights HPCL, BPCL, Balmar Lawrie & Co. Ltd, Gulf oil Lubricants India,  Mosil Lubricants, Molygraph engineered lubricants and our distributors Chemo India & Vimal Chemicals.

Meantime, NIS’s Sales Manager for Latin America Ms. Leslie Hewlett is getting ready to break new ground in Peru (and beyond!). Ms. Hewlett is in extensive talks with one of the world’s leading oil and lubricant companies, which is about to open a new headquarters in New Delhi. All the details will be announced in due time.  

And on May 17, NIS’s European partner Nanotech Europe’s sponsored race team will participate in Cesky Krumlov Rally. Earlier this Spring our Porsche, which engine was treated with AC-1000AW/AF Engine Oil Additive, took first place at the ValMez Rally. We wish our guys good luck in their new adventure!



* In Southeast Asia and Australia NIS’s patented IF-WS2 additives are available through Techenomics either as high performance fully formulated oils, greases and fluids or as stand-alone EP/AW/AF additives that can be added to all common commercially available lubricants.

Cutting Edge Technology in Metalworking Fluids Will Be Presented by NIS at STLE-2019 in Nashville


A Presentation by Nanotech Industrial Solutions CEO George Diloyan, PhD

Everyday tons and tons of metal sheets and parts are being cut, ground, milled and what not! It is all being performed in an extreme environment with high temperature, speed and pressure and this kind of a job requires a special kind of MWF that can withstand even the toughest conditions. We are not inventing a bicycle here: there are multiple formulations, based on oils, semisynthetic/synthetic fluids or water, which are supposed to cool down and lubricate machined parts. And some of them do the work diligently. But only one will stand out from the rest. Water-based fluid that was treated with an additive based on inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide particles (IF-WS2).

New data shows unmatched tribological performance (1.25% of IF-WS2 in water gives 800kgf weld ASTM D2783) comparing to other water based performance components, as well as improvement in cooling capacity of water and anticorrosion properties. NIS’s MWF additive is safe to use: it is non-flammable and chlorine free. And could help reduce your disposal cost.

Sounds too good to be true? Join us to learn more about IF-WS2 superior performance! 

When: Tuesday, May 21 @ 4:30 – 5PM

Session: 4F | Metalworking Fluids IV  

What: Tribological and Anti-Corrosion Property of IF–WS2 Particle in Aqueous Systems

NIS Director of Technical Sales & Marketing Manish Patel, PhD and Bill Tamasco, NIS North American Sales Manager, also are attending the conference and will be meeting with current and potential customers.


Contact to set up a meeting with NIS team in Nashville!

Nanotech Europe sponsored rally team celebrates victory thanks to a unique technology




Weeks after winning the ValMez Rally, Jan Vonka and co-driver Milan Klička have their sights set on the Cesky Krumlov Rally. The Nanotech Europe sponsored team is already fully prepped; the heart of their Porsche 911 is treated with a very special product: the NanoLub® AC-1000 AW/AF Engine Oil Additive. It offers maximum power, performance and protection. Some might even call this superior boost for the engine a legal drug for cars.

We are very proud of our team’s success,”said Milan Štelcl, the owner of Nanotech Europe.  

 “And we know that this accomplishment would not be possible without the AC-1000. This oil additive could give any regular car engine extra strength to withstand the usual wear and tear. It dramatically increases horse power, extends engine’s life while reducing its noise. We are convinced that our team will claim the Czech Championship.
On top of that, NanoLub® AC-1000 significantly lowers harmful engine emissions. It could be used with mineral and synthetic oils.  

The Porsche 911 team will participate in five more rallies this year. And with the help of the latest technology, the mighty Porsche 911 driver Jan Vonka and co-driver Milan Klička are ready to battle the elements at Cesky Krumlov Rally on May 17 and May 18. 

For more information please contact Nanotech Europe: 
* Nanotech Europe is an authorized distributor of NanoLub® IF-WS2 additives based on nanoparticles of Nanotech Industrial Solutions, the only manufacturer of sub-microns with spherical particles of inorganic fulleren-like Tungsten Disulphide  such as tungsten disulfide.