Formula One Governing Body Approves IF-WS2 Formulated Engine Oil

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FIA, the governing body for auto racing events, and the CIK, Commission Internationale de Karting, add IF-WS2 Formulated engine oil to its official list of agreed lubricants alongside products from BP, Total, Valvoline, Fuchs, and others. FIA-approved products comprise the highest quality base stock with an additive package to improve the performance characteristics of the engine oil. The approval means that the IF-WS2 enhanced engine oil complies with the required specifications and characteristics.


Formula One Governing Body Approves IF-WS2 Formulated Engine Oil

Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T


Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T is the result of a highly successful collaboration between Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Mapetrol, and Simpos, one of the top European suppliers of engine oils. NIS’s expertise in formulating stable dispersions of IF-WS2 has been multiplied by Mapetrol’s experience in creating high-performance oil blends for various applications.

Two separate samples were submitted to the FIA for analysis and approval. Nanotechnology IF-WS2enhanced engine oil outperformed competitors in several categories. According to the experts’ findings, NIS’s inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulfide-based lubricant demonstrated superior protection from friction and wear during heavy-duty use and high-temperature operations.


Premium Karting WS2+ 2T synthetic components proved excellent at coating the engine’s metal surfaces with a submicron-thin layer of super-strong WS2 fullerene-like nanoparticles. The IF-WS2 protective film didn’t thicken when cold or oxidized when hot, earning the top marks from the racing authorities and the test crew.

“IF-WS2 prevents seizure in high-speed, high-temperature, and high load conditions, allowing mechanics to tune out the engines to a maximum,” says Dr. George Diloyan, NIS CEO.  “Unlike other additives, IF-WS2 additive package improves engine oil performance even better when use conditions are getting tougher,” he added. According to auto industry experts, IF-WS2 formulated oil also provides sustained engine power throughout the race.

IF-WS2 enhanced engine oil is now used by professional and amateur racers in FIA-CIK competitions worldwide.

“Proper lubrication is vital to any vehicle but even more so to racing equipment for which every performance advantage could make or break the championship,” says Sam  Pobeda, a professional kart racer who tested Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T.  “While using this new formulation, I could feel and even hear the difference right away!” Sam confessed.


Formula One Governing Body Approves IF-WS2 Formulated Engine Oil

Mapetrol Sponsored Go-Kart Racing Team




  • Superior anti-wear, anti-friction, and anti-corrosion properties
  • Excellent anti-oxidation characteristics
  • Outstanding cold-start performance
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Lowers oil consumption and harmful emissions

Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T is distributed by Simpos and available for purchase in Europe and Australia.


For blenders and distributors: Reach out to NIS for more collaboration opportunities:


Formula One Governing Body Approves IF-WS2 Formulated Engine Oil