NIS Has Started a Massive Pump Jacks Field Trial in Canada

NIS’s team (kudos to Richard Lee & Clint Bennett) is conducting a huge field trial of IF-WS2 Formulated for PumpJack Oil. The first part is done! Our guys have successfully placed NIS’s monitoring sensors, streaming data to our computers. The NX400 sealed boxes are spark resistant, fire, and ignition proof. We’re measuring how the IF-WS2 Formulated is protecting the PumpJack’s mechanisms, reducing energy/power consumption, friction on the internals of the gearbox, electric motor, and preventing micropitting of the pony rod. IF-WS2 Formulated increases the life of packing, maximizes performance, and runs at top efficiency.  


PS. NIS’ Turnkey Program is getting busy as we type this! The first batches of IF-WS2 Formulated PumpJack oil for one of the biggest local oil&gas industry suppliers in SK, Canada, arrived safely! IF-WS2 Formulated PumpJack Oil is a high-performance gear oil with outstanding anti-friction and load-carrying properties for optimal pumpjacks operations year-round.

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