A high performing Anti-Wear, Anti-Friction and Extreme Pressure industrial lubricant for gear oils, chain oils, bearing oils, metalworking fluids, etc. Excellent AW/AF/EP properties at low treat rate.

Format and Packaging

• Oil base concentrate
• 20L pails (5.3 gal)
• 200L drums (53 gal)
• 1000L IBCs (264 gal)

Technical Specs

Color: Dark Gray
Treat Rate: 1% – 8% by weight
Viscosity: 89.8 cSt at 40°C
Density: 9.0 lb/gal
Flash Point: 152°C
Active Sulfur: None
Chlorine, Boron content: None


Heavy Duty
High Temperature
Metal Forming operations
Gear oils,
Chain oils and other industrial applications


• Excellent Extreme Pressure protection
• Very low wear even under high load
• Reduce coefficient of friction
• Prevents micro pitting and surface fatigue
• Shock absorbing properties

How to Use

• Dosage: 1% – 8% by weight
• Recommended mixing temperature 150°F (65°C)
• Mixing time: minimum of one hour
• Mixing by recirculation and/or low shear impeller

4-Ball Wear Test ASTM D4172

4-Ball CoF Test ASTM D4172

4-Ball EP Test ASTM D4172