High performing Anti-Wear, Anti-Friction and Extreme Pressure water based additive. Use for metalworking and non flammable water soluble lubricants with superior cooling properties.
This additive is based on IF-WS2 dispersed solids with polymeric surfactants, that in addition to EP/AW/AF properties will provide surface binding and adhesion


• Synthetic and semisynthetic metalworking fluids
• Coolants
• Nonflammable lubricants
• Water based lubricants

Format and Packaging

• Water Concentrate
• Containers:
26 Kg/57.20 lb Pail
290 Kg/638 lb Drum
1,400 Kg/3,080 lb Tote

Technical Specs

Color: Black
Treat Rate: 0.5% – 6% by weight
Health: Non-toxic close cage particles as per OECD protocols
Safety: REACH Compliant


Metalworking fluids
Synthetic; Semisynthetic (emulsions)
Water based lubricants and coolants
Surface protecting soft coating (when sprayed, dipped and dried)


• Superior extreme pressure protection
• Reduce coefficient of friction
• Reduce wear
• Superior surface finishing
• Non-flammable
• Chlorine free

How to Use

Add to water or water based product at 0.5% – 6% by weight

May require stabilization. Depends on final formulation and other components/additives that are in the formulation
Mix for a minimum of 1 hour

Can be used in dry application: dipped or sprayed on a surface and dried at room temperature. The solid containing layer will give excellent lubricity and protective properties.

Avoid using sodium o-phenylphenate base biocides with corrosion inhibitor Sebacic acid in same formulation with NanoLub® IW-4000. It may cause instability of particles.

4 Ball EP (ASTM D 2783)

Coefficient of Friction NanoLub®

Four Ball Wear (ASTM D 4172)