This formulation is based on IF-WS2/Polymer. Recommended for metal forming applications (drawing, forging, stamping etc.). Provides excellent surface finishing.


• Synthetic and semisynthetic metal forming fluids
• Nonflammable lubricants
• Water based lubricants
• Cold forging, drawing, stamping operations

Format and Packaging

• Water Concentrate
• Containers:
26 Kg/57.20 lb Pail
290 Kg/638 lb Drum
1,400 Kg/3,080 lb Tote

Technical Specs

Color: Dark Gray
Treat Rate: 10% – 45% by weight
Health: Non-toxic closed cage particles as per OECD protocols


Metalworking fluids
Synthetic; Semisynthetic (emulsions)
Water based lubricants and coolants
Surface protecting soft coating (when sprayed, dipped and dried)

How to Use

Mix 10% – 45% by weight of IW-4200 in water
Use metal coupling agent (such as BYK 4509 at 2-3%)
Maintain pH at around 9 with ammonia
Heat the mixture to 45-48 degree C.
Dip tubes twice, drain the first time through point end for about 5 minutes. Then dip again and drain through open end.
Make sure coating is fully dried before drawing.
Please do not use a caustic wash. If pickled, do not use neutralizer

Coefficient of Friction NanoLub®