Recommended for use when you need to enhance the Anti-Wear and Anti-Friction properties of your engine oil.


• Superior Extreme Pressure (EP), Anti-Friction (AF), and Anti- Wear (AW) properties.
• Compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils.
• Can be used as part of the additives package for fully-formulated ready to use engine oil or as a top up after market product.

Format and Packaging

• Oil Concentrate
• Containers:
20L (5.3 gal) pails, 200L (53 gal)
drums, to 264 gal) IBCs.

Technical Specs

Color: Dark Grey
Treat Rate: 2% – 5% by weight
Carrier: Conventional and Synthetic oil
Viscosity: 600 – 750 cSt at 40 °C
Density: 0.9 – 0.97 g/cm3
Health: Non-toxic closed caged particles as per OECD protocols
Safety: Reach Compliant


• Reduce Fuel Consumption
• Increase Horse Power
• Decrease Engine Noise
• Lower Harmful Emissions
• Extend Engine Life

How to Use

Add 3% by weight of NanoLub Power Generation additive with Nano formulated Protection to your engine oil. Only for proper mixing of the additive: bypass all filters and run your engine in idling mode (no load) for 40 min.