Recommended for use when you need an extreme clean-up for high sulfur diesel engines. This treatment is a blend of detergents, corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers, and water emulsifier additives.


• Contains detergent to provide extreme clean-up for fuel handling and metering systems
• Can help reduce emissions
• Helps protect fuel system from corrosive elements
• Extends fuel storage life protecting against fuel degradation which can result in gums and acids that can plug filters for form deposits.
• Can help move entrained water through the system.

Format and Packaging

One gallon treats 500 gallons of high sulfur diesel fuel

Technical Specs

Appearance – Clear, Light Brown Liquid
Density (lb/gal): 7.39
Density (g/mL): 0.885
Flash Point (PMCC): °F: 118
Pour Point (°F): <-30
Viscosity cSt @ 40°C: 5.38


SUV & Light trucks
Work Vehicles

Nanotech® High Sulfur Diesel Clean Treatment SDS
Nanotech® High Sulfur Diesel Clean Treatment PDS