All of our products are based on Nanotech Industrial Solutions’ proprietary technology, using our uniqie Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide (IF-WS₂) submicron particles.

Grease Additives


Greases formulated for industrial, mining machinery, gears, bearings, slideways, and other heavy-duty applications. Recommended for use as an AF/AW/EP additive in Li, LiX, and CaS greases. Use as a replacement for regular grease additive packages and sulfur, phosphorus-based additives.


Recommended for use as a direct replacement and/or enhancer for MoS₂ and other performance grease additive packages: sulfur, phosphorus-based etc.


Recommended for use as a direct replacement for performance grease additive package: Chlorine, Molybdenum sulfur, Phosphorus-based etc