About Us


Nanotech Industrial Solutions has acquired NanoMaterials, Ltd (aka APNano) in 2012. This private nanotechnology company has developed, manufactured, and sold unique lubricant nanomaterials for the automotive, mining, marine, aerospace, and other industries since 2002. Today, NIS has an exclusive license to manufacture, commercialize and sell a new class of nanomaterials based on inorganic multi-layered submicron fullerenes that were discovered in 1992 by Prof. Reshef Tenne at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Tungsten disulfides (WS₂) nanomaterials open up a world of new possibilities for developing extreme performance lubricants and polymer composites. This nanotechnology is instrumental in the successful development of NIS’ award-winning IF-WS₂ Formulated family of Extreme Pressure (EP) Anti-Wear (AW) and Anti-Friction (AF) lubrication additives.  NIS’s international team of scientists continues extensive research and testing for additional IF-WS₂ based applications in the field of lubricants, coatings, and polymer composites for the metalworking, mining, aerodynamics, space, and defense industries.

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Today, NIS is a global company: our research and development facilities are located on different continents and include a full tribology laboratory, oil, and grease blending development techniques labs, coating labs, and analytical support services. The production sites have bulk reactors for producing inorganic fullerene-like powders in large quantities and equipment for blending the powders into dry or wet formulations for commercial batches. In other words, Nanotech Industrial Solutions is The Only commercial manufacturer of submicron spherical particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide IF-WS₂ in the world.