1. Are all NIS products based on IF-WS2?
Currently, all NIS products are based on our proprietary WS2 Fullerene like Nano powder (IF-WS2).

2. In what format do you sell you products?
All NIS products are additives or ready to use products which are made of the IF-WS2 suspended in oil/grease or resin/polymer – for coating applications.

3. What is the recommended treat rate for NIS additive products?
Each of the NIS additive products has the recommended treat rate on the label. The treat rate will be different for each type of vehicle or machinery it will be used with as well as the stresses the vehicle or machinery will experience during operation.

4. Are the NIS additives compatible with all types of oils and greases?
NIS R&D scientists and engineers formulate the additive products to ensure compatibility and maximum performance when used in the specific oils or grease, type of equipment and application specified on the label.

5. How do your additives work within the engine?
To see how our technology works within the engine – please look at the following clip:

6. In which applications are your products most effective?
Our Nano additives provide outstanding Anti-Wear and Anti-Friction properties for the Automotive industry (engine and gear oils) and for industrial applications (engine oils, chain oils, gear oils, greases, etc.)

7. Which of your products will suit my application?
Please contact NIS in order to find the best solution we can offer you.

8. How would I know if I can benefit by using your products?
If you are currently using any other solid additive (like MoS2, Graphite, PTFE, Etc.) you will surely benefit by using our technology. If you are looking to reduce the wear and friction, especially in all EP applications, you should try our solutions.

9. Do you also sell fuel additives?
No, we only sell oil additives, grease additive and coating product (dry lubrication).

10. I want to know more about your technology, products and business opportunities?
You can find much more information about our technology and products in both the Products page and the Technology page of this web site.