Our Team

Our PhD scientists, engineers, sales and marketing team members are working together, each contributing within their field of expertise, to develop products that address the needs and opportunities of the industrial marketplace. Together with effective marketing and a team of sales engineers, NIS has an “interactive” approach to customer service and product development. With this approach, a continuous loop of information and response is created between NIS and their lifeblood, the customer.


CEO and Director of Technology – George Diloyan


Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing -Itsik Havakuk


CFO – Steve Wegbreit

CEO Nano Materials – Daniel Sclar

On board since 2013
MBA, Ben-Gurion university
B.Sc. Industrial Eng. from The Technion
Medical devices manufacturing experience
Vast experience of over 12 years in the IDF logistics command

C.O.O Nano Materials Dr. Alex Margolin

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science
M. Sc. from the Russian University of Chemical Engineering. Specialist in synthesis of inorganic fullerene nanoparticles
On board since 2006
20 scientific papers & patents in the field of explosives and nanotechnology.

R&D Team Leader Nano Materials Dr. Anna Kossoy-Simakov

Ph.D in Chemistry from Weizmann Institute of Science
Expert in Materials Science with 13 years of industrial and academic R&D experience in US, Europe and Israel
23 scientific papers in leading journals, 1patent
On board since 2015


Chief Scientific Advisor – Prof. Reshef Tenne

Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry, Hebrew University
Head of the Department of Materials and Interfaces at WIS
Director of the Helen and Milton Kimmel Center for Nanoscale Science
Holder of the Drake Family Chair in Nanotechnology at WIS
Written more than 250 scientific articles and granted over 20 patents