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NanoLub® Engine Oil Additive


NanoLub® Power Generation Diesel Engine Oil



NanoLub® Timken Test – March 2014


About NIS’s Subsidiary NanoMaterials Ltd,


“NIS” Completes A Successful 8 Months Field Trial Of Its NanoLub® Diesel Engine Power Generation Oil Additive At A Power Plant In Ecuador.


NIS completes an 8 month long field trial of its NanoLub® Power Generation lubricant solution, at “TERMOGUAYAS GENERATION S.A. (TGSA)” diesel engine power plant in Ecuador. The results showed a significant increase in the facility’s power output, intervals between major maintenance cycles and reduction of unexpected down-times, leding to a successful commercialization of the project.

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A 7.5 Times Decrease In Teeth Wear of Swinging Worm Gear Mechanism With NanoLub® Grease Additive.


Tests conducted by a major European manufacturer shows a 7.5 decrease in teeth wear of type 9E-1B20-0719-A01 swinging worm gear mechanism, when lubricated with grease treated with 5% of NanoLub® GH-X EP additive.

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Tests Demonstrates a 48.5% Increase in Bearings Service Life With NanoLub® EP Grease Additive.


Tests conducted by a leading European bearing manufacturer show a 48.5% increase in service life of bearing Type HJ 208, when lubricated with grease treated with 4% of NanoLub® EP additive, as compared to its performance without NanoLub®.

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NIS To Showcase The NanoLub® Product Line At The STLE Exhibition In Florida


NIS will join forces with NanoMaterials to attend the “Society Of Tribologists And Lubrication Engineers” (STLE) Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Florida, held between May 18th-21st, showcasing NanoLub® EP AW/AF lubricant additive product line at booth #124.

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NanoLub® Tests Demonstrate Increase In Bearing Durability, Service Life And Dynamic Load.


Tests conducted by “ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s.”, a well-known European bearing manufacturer, show dramatic improvement in bearing durability, service life and dynamic load when treated with NanoMaterials’ NanoLub® oil and grease surface reconditioning additives.

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Our Nanotechnology Discussed In “The Guaridan” Science Section:


An article published in “The Guardian” website science section, discusses NIS’s subsidiary, NanoMaterials Ltd., tungsten disulfide (WS2) engine oil additive.

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NIS To Present a Paper About Its Technology at the ELGI General Meeting in Croatia.


NIS and NanoMaterials teams will join forces to attend the 26th European Lubricant Grease Institute (ELGI) Annual General Meeting held in Dubrovnik Croatia on 26th – 29th April 2014. NIS’s head of technology Dr. George Diloyan will present a research paper, while NanoMaterials management team will meet with existing and potential clients and distributors.

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“Physics Today” Notes NanoLub® As An Example!


An article published in “Physics Today” uses Nanolub® Engine Oil Additive as an example of one of only 10% of entries in the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory (CPI), which provide satisfactory scientific evidence for its products. According to the review conducted by the CPI, all 4 of the NanoLub® products have been awarded with the highest Category 1 “Extensively Verified Claims” category tag, received by only 3 other products on the listing.

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The GH-X EP Grease Additives 2013 Test Results Compilation Published.


“Nanotech Industrial Solutions” and “NanoMaterials Ltd.” have published the “2013 Test Compilation Report” for one of its leading products, the GH-X Extreme Pressure (EP) Anti-Wear (AW) / Anti-Friction (AF) Paste Additive for Greases. These results position GH-X as one of the world’s top Grease additive for Extreme Pressure conditions.

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NanoMaterials Presents In Two Major Conferences In India, The NLGI And The ASIATRIB.


After the successful presentation of its NanoLub® oil and grease EP AW/AF additives at Automechanika Shanghai in December, NanoMaterials, the subsidiary of NIS, will continue its marketing efforts in Asia by presenting in two major conferences in India, where it already has a well established customer base. The NLGI held in Chandigarh on Feb 2-4 2014 and the ASIATRIB-2014 held in Agra on Feb. 17-20, 2014.

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Increased Sales of The NanoLub® Lubricant Additive Product Range Reported By Distributors.


“NanoMaterials” Sales and Marketing team reports significant growth in the revenues of its distributors in 2013. This can be attributed to several factors: a dual marketing policy of investing in its own proprietary Nanolub® brand, while allowing chosen distributors to market its products under private labels, and NanoMaterials efforts to provide extensive technical and marketing support to its distributors.

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NanoMaterials To Exhibit Its Innovative Product Range At The Automechanika Shanghai Trade Fare.


NanoMaterials, NIS’s subsidiary, will attend the “Automechanika Shanghai”, an international trade fair held in Shanghai New International Expo Center between Dec 10-13. Together with “Oneline Technologies Pte Ltd.”, its Singapore based distributor, it will host a booth and promote its NanoLub® RC-X Extreme Performance Anti-wear (AW) / Anti-Friction (AF) lubricant range of oil additives, which are tailor made for different types of engines.

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NanoMaterials Appoints new CEO, Daniel Sclar


Daniel Sclar is the new CEO at NanoMaterials Ltd., a leading producer of anti-friction/ anti-wear nanoadditives and coatings. Daniel started his new role at the beginning of August, 2013.

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Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Inc. Completes Acquisition of NanoMaterials Ltd.


Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Inc. (NIS) a USA corporation has acquired NanoMaterials Ltd., as of August 6th, 2013.

NIS and NanoMaterials announce the completed agreement for NIS to acquire NanoMaterials, a leader in nanotechnology lubricants. NIS and NanoMaterials will combine their innovative technologies, research teams and personnel to provide market leading technology in the nano lubricant additive field.

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