IC-3100 AW / AF / EP Oil Additive

A high performing industrial oil tribological package. To be used for the formulation of gear oils, metalworking fluids, chain oils, etc. Outstanding EP/AW/AF and anti-oxidation properties at a low treat rate.

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    Format: Oil Based Concentrate


    • Pail
    • Drum
    • IBC (Tote)
    Tech Specs

    Color: Dark Gray
    Treat Rate: 1-8% by weight
    Viscosity: 260-500 cSt at 40°C (104°F)
    Density: 1.08 g/cm3 (9.0 Lb/Gal) at 15.6°C (60°F)
    Flash Point: 138°C / 280°F
    Active Sulfur, Chlorine, Boron content: None

    • Excellent Extreme Pressure (EP) protection
    • Reduces coefficient of friction
    • Antioxidation and corrosion inhibiting properties
    • Very low wear even under high load