Dr. Alexander Margolin, COO of NanoMaterials & NIS

Alexander Margolin, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Margolin obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science, joined NanoMaterials as a Senior Process Engineer in 2006, and then rose to the rank of COO.

Alexander is a specialist in synthesizing inorganic fullerene nanoparticles, chemical engineering, process engineering and automatization, electron microscopy, and X-ray powder diffractometry.

Dr. Margolin has published 20 scientific papers and has multiple patents in the field of explosives and nanotechnology.

Dr. Margolin is a perfect example of a scientist who has transitioned from Academia to the Industrial sector, promoting scientific innovations at one of Nanotechnology’s leaders. The outcomes of Dr. Margolin’s research and projects are now used in hundreds of mechanical applications worldwide.

Phone : +972 89334088
Email : alexm@apnano.com

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