Professor Reshef Tenne, Chief Scientific Advisor

Prof. Reshef Tenne

Chief Scientific Advisor

In 1992 Professor Tenne and his team discovered novel inorganic nanomaterials nicknamed inorganic fullerene-like structures with a quasi-spherical shape and inorganic nanotubes. Since then, Prof. Tenne became a pioneer and world leader in this field. He published 370 original papers, 80 invited publications, review articles, and book chapters. Prof. Tenne’s nanotechnology is protected by dozens of patents. His research led to the establishment of several companies, among them Nanotech Industrial Solutions, which holds an exclusive license for his nanotube structures. Prof. Reshef Tenne, Founder and Head of the Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for Nanoscale Sciences, and also the director of the G.Schmidt Minerva Center for Supramolecular Architectures, has also held the Drake Family Chair in Nanotechnology.

In 2020, prof. Tenne was awarded the prestigious EMET Prize for Exact Sciences, in the field of Nanotechnology. He received it from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Webinar by Prof. Tenne: Superior Solid Lubricants. Inorganic Nanotubes & nearly Spherical Nanoparticles of WS₂