Grease and Industrial Lubricant Additive

EMX-7380 is a new generation of environmentally friendly premium additives for grease and high viscosity lubricants formulations. EMX-7380 is fortified by a synergistic formulation of MoS₂ and super strong nanoparticles of IF-WS₂. MoS₂ and IF-WS₂ form a perfect shield against high impact, load, and vibration. EMX-7380 is designed to protect and extend equipment life by significantly reducing friction and wear, ensuring smooth and safe operation.


Supplied as a dispersion that contains 60% of solids.


Recommended for medium and heavy-duty applications, including Automotive, Mining, Agriculture, Oil&Gas, Water Treatment Facilities, Construction, Highway, Railroad, etc.

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    • Pail
    • Drum
    Tech Specs

    Color: Dark Gray
    Treat Rate: 1%-4% by weight

    • Protects components in harsh environments
    • Exceptional anti-wear, anti-friction, and extreme pressure characteristics
    • Excellent load-carrying capacity
    • Wide temperature range
    • Cost-effective: less waste, lower maintenance costs