Canadian Oilfield Supply & Service Company Now Carries IF-WS2 Formulated Line of Products

From Mining Industry Today

ESTEVAN, SK, CANADA, July 28, 2020
We asked you, our customers, what you wanted most. Now we’re bringing it to you. High-performance Nanotechnology-based lubricants that have been proven to increase tool life by up to four times. Multiplied over gears of hundreds of pumpjacks, dozens of tractors, and other expensive heavy equipment, that can add up to significant operational savings.

Thirsty Bird is excited to announce the release of the NanoTech line – the cutting-edge lubrication for the most demanding industries. First and foremost, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and Mining.


“These past months have been challenging for all of us in the context of Covid-19. We wanted to ensure that we are introducing our customers to the best products possible in terms of efficiency and price,” said Tim Miller, president of Thirsty Bird Pumpjack Sales & Service.


NanoTech products improve equipment efficiency, increase mine production, reduce energy consumption, and cut overall costs. The science behind Thirsty Bird NanoTech line pumpjack oils, rock drill and tractor fluid, and greases, is a game-changing technology of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide, IF-WS₂. Billions of IF-WS₂ nanoparticles enhance every NanoTech product.


What is IF-WS2? How Does it Work?


The nanotechnology of IF-WS₂is well known in the US and Europe and has been used by the Israeli space program for years. IF-WS₂ are nearly spherical submicron particles of Tungsten disulfide that protect and lubricate metal surfaces at a molecular level.

“Under extreme pressure, IF-WS₂  spheres release tribofilm that attaches to surface asperities and smooths them, reducing friction, minimizing wear, thus extending machinery life,” says Mr. Clint Bennett, the Service and Tech representative of an American company, that stands behind the nanotechnology of IF-WS₂. Thanks to their excellent tribological properties, the IF-WS₂ Formulated products show incredibly high performance.

Thirsty Bird is Proud to Introduce Three NanoTech Products for a Variety of Applications

Proper lubrication can save heavy equipment owners thousands, if not millions, of dollars. When it comes to improving machinery life, performance, and productivity, there are not many things that are more important than smart lubrication.

“NanoTech products are the most innovative and efficient lubricants yet to be introduced to our customers,” said Tim Miller, president of Thirsty Bird Pumpjack Sales & Service. “Mining operators, engineers, and service techs know all too well, that using specifically formulated fluids and upgrading to newer, improved lubricants, has been proven to increase productivity and profitability.”


NanoTech Pumpjack Oil PJ-100 – formulated for pumpjack gearboxes. Maintains superior stability and good pumpability at low temperatures and withstands high operating temperatures for extended periods. PJ-100 has outstanding anti-friction and load-carrying properties for optimal pumpjacks operations year-round.



Nanotech Rock Drill Fluid RD-100 innovative formulation provides exceptional protection against extreme pressure, friction, and wear. This fluid has been used successfully in saltwater injection plunger pumps, thanks to the presence of a tackifier and rust and corrosion inhibitors in its additive package.


NanoTech Tractor Fluid HT-1000 can replace multiple products. It is recommended for use in tractors, as well as in all other kinds of agricultural equipment where transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, and hydraulics are supplied from a common fluid reservoir. HT-1000 Unique synthetic formulation provides smooth shifting and offers long term, trouble-free service in high-torque, high-output applications for all-seasons operations.


Thirsty Bird carries a large selection of oilfield supplies – from pipe, valves, and fittings to downhole supplies and specialized tools. Thirsty Bird provides tailored solutions to your production challenges, bringing you cutting edge technology with the experience and support to back it up, years ahead of the competition. Products to come soon: a new line of engine oils, gear oils, and grease.


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