NIS’s Technical Director Will Present at the First Ever Virtual STLE Meeting

We Will Rock You … Under Pressure

Queen’s timeless hits ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ describe Nanotech Industrial Solutions’ latest discovery perfectly. We WILL rock you under pressure. And tell you how we did it at the upcoming Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (#STLE) first ever #vurtual Meeting.

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NIS’s presentation will mark a turning point for the metalworking, mining, and many other industries, striving to implement eco-friendlier solutions to comply with the latest government regulations. To innovate and move forward and further from the old practices and outdated materials, our R&D team, lead by Dr. Hoon Kim and Dr. George Diloyan, came up with revolutionary dispersion of inorganic submicron particles of tungsten disulfide dispersed in water. Some may have successfully dispersed solids in oil-based systems before us, but close to none succeeded in dispersing WS2 in water.

No one else in the world can replicate NIS’s nanotechnology of synthesizing fullerene-like (meaning nearly spherical) particles of tungsten disulfide. IF-WS2 acts as friction and wear reducing agent, saving metal from scuffing and micropitting, healing the contacting surfaces. IF-WS2 water-based dispersions may be used to formulate water-based lubricating fluids to benefit metal processing and coating industries.

More on the implementation of the most efficient, the most advanced, the safest, and the most cost-effective solution, join our presentations by our Technical Director, Dr. Hoon Kim; also Dr. George Diloyan, NIS’s CEO, and NIS’s R&D Experts Rui Wu and Vasya Ignatyshyun.



Dr. Hoon Kim (on the photo above) will be presenting on Monday, May 17, @ 10 AM. Check into SESSION 1E – Metalworking Fluids –  Virtual Meeting Room 5.

Also, on Monday, May 17, at 2:30 PM, check out 2F • Virtual Meeting Room 6 for  Eco-Friendly Aqueous EP Additive for Performance Beyond the Horizon in Lubricant Industry.

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