Meet NIS’s Team: Dr. George Diloyan, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. George Diloyan joined NIS as Director of Technology in 2013. Today, he has over 18 years of experience in new technology research and product development. Now he is adding a new skill set to his resume – Go-to-Market strategy, commercialization, and due diligence. George Diloyan has 2 MS degrees in Physics, Thermodynamics, Computer Science, Ph.D. in Engineering, focusing on nanotechnology, electrochemistry, and energy. 

NIS’s CEO spends his first work calls with a toddler in the backseat of his Jeep. Dr. Diloyan’s weekday routine involves driving his four years old son to school. “It’s one of the highlights of my day,” George confesses. “I enjoy answering my son’s endless questions, we talk, we laugh, and sometimes he sings! And when I have to take a work call, he becomes very quiet. David already understands when dad is working and that my job is an essential part of my life.” 

George and his wife Elza have two children. Their daughter Mia is 20 months old. “Being a parent changes your perspective on life and work. There is no balance. It’s more of a juggling act and trying to keep all the balls in the air. Now I’m not sure what is more complicated – improving the stability of NIS’s newest solid dispersions or assembling the swing set we bought for our backyard”. 

Meet NIS’s Team: Dr. George Diloyan, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Diloyan with his wife, Elza, and their children


Jokes aside, improvement and innovation are Dr. Diloyan’s motto. “Both require the ability to interact and share ideas with other people,” explains Dr. Diloyan, “And this is what I love doing with our team here at NIS. When we work together on a new formulation, we argue, debate, and disagree, but we know that we all have one goal – to satisfy our customers’ needs, take something old and outdated, and make it better. I know, we’re not working on a new cure for Covid, for example. Nonetheless, our work is significant. We are trying to save energy, reduce fuel consumption, and lower harmful emissions (not only for cars or trucks but also manufacturing facilities) by implementing cutting-edge industrial lubricants based on NIS’ proprietary award-winning nanotechnology. It may sound very pompous, but we are working on making our world a better place.”


An unlikely industry—lubrication—can be eco-friendly. IF-WS2 based lubrication products last longer than legacy oils and greases that carry brand names and high price tags but don’t actually do what they promise on the label. But, unfortunately, some of our first-time customers are resistant to change. “Why try something else, innovative or not, when my old stuff still works?” they ask. We answer to get better results, save on fuel, and save on service and maintenance by virtually eliminating downtime, reducing oil and grease consumption, and protecting the air you breathe from CO2. We have proof that our stuff WORKS. Period. In some cases, our IF-WS2 top-up extended the oil life by 300%. For example, instead of changing the engine oil every 300 hours, our customer in Russia is now changing the oil after 900 hours. This is more than $18,000 of savings per one dump truck. And over $250000 for the entire fleet of a copper mine where we had the field trials. IF-WS2 is tested, proven, and trusted. 


NIS is currently working on a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient engine oil top-ups and a high-performance premium line of greases. At the core, as usual, is the same nanotechnology NIS has been working with since acquiring an Israeli R&D company, AP Nano Materials. For the first few years, the newly merged company perfected the formulations based on the most lubricious material on Earth – tungsten disulfide. “What sets us apart from other nanotech companies is that our material is 100% unique. No one else in the world can control the shape and size of inorganic nanoparticles, especially not the WS2. This is a crucial difference!” Moreover, no one has the technical structure or knowledge to replicate NIS’s nanotechnology. On top of that, this technology is protected by dozens of international patents.


Meet NIS’s Team: Dr. George Diloyan, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Diloyan at NIS Lab in Avenel, NJ


IF-WS2 particles withstand extreme pressure thanks to their nearly spherical shape, acting as nano ball bearings. They are also multilayered, like an onion, and these layers peel off when pressure is applied. The exfoliated layers then form a very strong but nano-thin film on the contacting surfaces, filling in the minute crevices and cracks and healing up the damaged sectors.” This is how IF-WS2 reduces friction. Less friction means a cooler engine, for example. A cooler engine means less energy is needed to run this particular vehicle or piece of equipment. Less energy means fewer emissions. It is pretty simple. Finding the correct formulation for a lubricant that can do all that – is very complicated and involves a lot of complex lab equipment and intelligent people with a few PhDs between them. “I’m fortunate to have passionate professionals in our international team. It’s an honor to work with them!” 



And when not working, Dr. Diloyan enjoys spending time with his extended family in Philadelphia or vacationing in the Virgin Islands. 



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