IF-WS2 Secures Triple Victory at The Goodyear Truck Races Cup

Buggyra racer Téo Calvet claimed three consecutive victories

Buggyra Team Racers with Nanotech Europe CEO, Mr. Milan Štelcl.

Buggyra racer Téo Calvet claimed three consecutive victories on his team’s home circuit, taking over the lead in the Goodyear Cup standings. After an admittedly difficult qualifying session for Race One on Saturday, which saw the Frenchman started from tenth, Téo worked his way up to eight to secure the win in the Goodyear Cup and also pole position for race 2.

Téo Calvet leads his truck to the finish line

Téo Calvet leads his truck to the finish line


He didn’t get the best getaway from the top spot though, as he spun his rear tires on the wet side of the track, which made way for André Kursim. Norbert Kiss, who was on a charge from behind, made his way past Calvet, who drove home a very strong race crossing the line in third overall. A post-race penalty for Kiss meant that Téo moved up into second overall, his best FIA ETRC result to date.


In race 3 Calvet started from sixth on the grid and went on to secure his third victory of the weekend. The purple MAN racer showed consistently strong performances in all four races and left Most in second place overall, six points behind Téo Calvet.


Buggyra racing driver Aliyyah Koloc collected 22 points over the race weekend, as she continues to gain experience at the wheel of her Buggyra Freightliner.


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