Meet NIS's Team: Itsik Havakuk, NIS's VP of Global Sales and Marketing

April 15, 2020

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An avid explorer of different countries and cultures around the globe, Mr. Itsik Havakuk was born in Tel-Aviv. Itsik was attracted to technology-based start-ups since he was a teenager. He chose Economics as his major in college and graduated among the best in his class with a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Management Academic Studies. Mr. Havakuk joined the NIS team in 2014 with more than a decade of substantial experience as a sales and marketing expert at innovative companies. Recently, he was promoted to the role of VP of Global Sales and Marketing. Nowadays Itsik is interfacing with major Mining, Energy and Automotive conglomerates around the world, promoting the unmatched benefits offered by Nanotech Industrial Solutions products. Itsik and his wife Lee live with their toddler son Aviv in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


What do you love about your job?  

In one word? Everything. Being in the driver’s seat of NIS’s International sales team vehicle gives me lots of exciting opportunities. I meet new people, new distributors, and partners in different countries. Meanwhile, I thrive while I’m “fighting” the giants of the industry, building the NIS brand recognition and changing the perceptions regarding our unique technology. Building and implementing strategy and tactics for penetrating the global industrial world – is something that I have always dreamed of. I’m what people call the “natural born salesman.” Here, at NIS, I’m fulfilling my potential on a global scale. It is amazing. I enjoy finding the best way to steer the company towards its targets. These are things that make me excited and give me energy. My job indeed is the best.   

What sets NIS apart from other nanotechnology companies? 

In one word? Everything. From the first conversation with a potential client to the final products that no one else in the entire world can replicate. We, at NIS, treat our customers as friends and family. Our relationships are very close and personal. We take care of our ties. If we are talking about our unique technology (without going into very detailed technical descriptions), the answer is simple. In the industrial lubrication world, Nanotech Industrial Solutions is one of its kind. We have the know-how and dozens, or even hundreds of patents. When we say “nanotechnology,” this is precisely what we mean and do. Not many companies can claim the same. However, lots of companies have the word “nano” plastered across their labels. NIS’s products are powered by true submicron (aka nano) particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide. IF-WS2 particles are unique in matter, shape, and size. IF-WS2 Formulated products outperform the competition. This statement was tested, proven, and now trusted around the world. 

What is the number one thing that you want potential customers and partners to know about NIS? 

One chance is all we need. IF-WS2 Formulated product performance results will speak for themselves. Once you try our product, you will not look back.

What is a common question that you get asked by lube specialists & engineers?


Do you have a specific strategy when it comes to the first meeting with potential customers? 

I am a people person. We are currently living in tough times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus restrictions on movements are, in a way, robbing us from personal interactions. Yes, we ZOOM, Facetime, Skype, and what not every day, but there is no substitute for a handshake and a pat on a shoulder when needed. Some of our contacts long for in-person meetings. I cannot wait for the moment to be on the road again and to personally reassure, guide, and help our partners to continue the path chosen before the pandemic. At the core of every successful business is trust. My job is to build that trust from the very first meeting. 

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