Voice of America Interviewed NIS on Working During The Coronavirus

April 16, 2020




VOA Anchor:   We’ve been talking a lot during our latest broadcasts, for probably the past three weeks now about the damage COVID-19 pandemic quarantine restrictions caused to the American service sector. But right now, without access to labs and factories, hundreds of thousands of researchers around the world have no work. Let’s see how some hi-tech companies survive during the Coronavirus crisis from a CEO of an American company, Nanotech Industrial Solutions, George Diloyan. He is talking live with us right now via Skype. Hello George, thank you for finding the time to speak to us! Let’s start from the obvious: did you have to shut down the plant entirely or stop the R&D projects that your company was working on, close down the offices, or the manufacturing facilities?


Mr. Diloyan:  Hello, Roman. Well, of course, the pandemic has had some effect on our work and our clients. In general, we were ready for something like this. As much, of course, as one can say so or be or be fully prepared for a situation like this. However, from the very first moments of creating our company, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to automation and mechanization of our manufacturing process. That is why right now, in the time of a total lockdown due to Coronavirus, our manufacturing process did not stop completely. We were somewhat ready for this kind of scenario. However, some of our clients were less prepared, and they had closed their facilities. That is what affects us. As a result, we have fewer orders since some of our partners and clients’ are not working right now.


VOA Anchor:  As I understand, your company is manufacturing innovative additives for industrial lubricants. I am not going to get too deep into that, I am not a scientist, but it was fascinating to read about nanoparticles, nano logs, Tungsten Disulfide, etc. But if I understand this correctly, this process requires a lot of resources. How complicated will be the re-starting of the whole manufacturing process for your company?


Mr. Diloyan:   Well, our front office employees are working from home for some time now. However, our essential scientists, chemists, and part of our plant employees still come to work. So, it is not going to be very difficult for us to go back to full working capacity. However, we probably will have to look for new suppliers.


VOA Anchor:   Are you counting on help from the Government? As far as I know, your company has an Israeli division as well. And you are still paying salaries to your people, and this means that at some point you might need some help from the Government.


Mr. Diloyan:   Definitely! You are correct. We appreciate our team here, in the US, and our team members in Israel. As well as our team members in other countries, where we have our representatives. Of course, we are counting on the financial help from the Government. How fast our, or any other company, is going to get it, of course, we don’t know yet. But we have already submitted all the documents to the banks, and we will see.


VOA Anchor:  Thank you! Good luck to you, your company and your employees! Please, stay safe! Our main goal, of course, is to survive the Coronavirus crisis. And I wish your company to continue to operate successfully. But of course!



Meet NIS’s CEO  George Diloyan, PhD
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Voice of America Interviewed NIS on Working During The Coronavirus