NIS is introducing a new cutting-edge formulation

IF-WS2 Additive for Calcium Sulfonate grease was developed in close collaboration with NIS’ partners, especially for Private Label opportunities. 

As the brand that sets the bar in high-performance additives, Nanotech Industrial Solutions keeps revolutionizing the lubricant industry with advanced tribological packages based on Tungsten Disulfide, or WS₂ , which is often referred to as the most lubricious substance on earth. IF-WS₂  Additive for Calcium Sulfonate grease was developed in close collaboration with NIS’ partners, especially for Private Label opportunities. NIS’s proprietary nanotechnology gives Calcium Sulfonate grease that cutting-edge outstanding performance one might expect from the best commercially available lubricants. 


NIS’ Turnkey program is now open for industrial lubricant distributors and dealers who are looking to increase their sales by creating their own brand. NIS, with its vast knowledge, experience, and latest nanotechnology that sets this company apart, is here to assist you in every step of the way.  




At the core of NIS’s innovative additives’ compound are inorganic Fullerene-like nanoparticles of tungsten disulfide. WS₂  superior lubricity and anti-friction properties are multiplied thanks to NIS’ particles’ unique submicron (nano) size and quasi-spherical morphology. It is a game-changing technology, discovered by an Israeli scientist and protected by dozens of international patents. 


NIS is introducing a new cutting-edge formulation

Fullerene’s structure reminds a football shape.





In extreme conditions, where heat, water, and load or shock forces are present, i.e., mining and off-road construction equipment, steel and paper mills, marine industry, IF-WS₂  enhanced Calcium Sulfonate greases know no equal. 

“Conventional MoS₂ and/or WS₂ have platelet like structure that works primarily under shear forces and have low protection under normal and shocking loads,” says Dr. George Diloyan, NIS’ CEO. “IF-WS₂, particles being spherical and submicron, operate under shear, normal loads, shock. Unique geometry and size make IF-WS₂ – a new generation solid lubricant that outperforms legacy MoS₂ and WS₂.”

NIS is introducing a new cutting-edge formulation

SEM Image showing IF-WS₂ nanoparticles accumulating in the valleys of rubbed surfaces of metal disks


Spherical submicron particles of IF-WS₂ have no edges, where the chemical reactions that make other lubricants stick can take place. Moreover, IF-WS₂ particles act as tiny ball-bearings. Under extreme pressure, the multilayered particles exfoliate, like an onion, forming a protective film on the contacting surfaces.


NIS is introducing a new cutting-edge formulationNIS is introducing a new cutting-edge formulation

IF-WS₂   nanoparticles’ onion-like structure




Extensive field trials have been carried out to prove that the tribological efficiency of NIS IF-WS₂ actually increases with contact pressure and to ascertain the stability of the lubricant in various environments.  NIS is the only company in the world, licensed for commercial manufacturing of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide and additives based on IF-WS₂ nanotechnology. We assist independent dealers and distributors in creating highly innovative Private Label grease manufacturing (see full catalog – link) from A to Z. To learn more about how we can help you stand out and beat your competition, contact NIS 

In a Field Trial, performed by one of the European Bearings manufacturers seeking to improve closed bearings durability, IF-WS₂  Formulated increased service life of bearings by nearly 100%. IF-WS₂  Formulated also improved bearings lubricity, reduced friction, and lowered operating temperatures.