Meet NIS’s Team: Rui Wu, R&D and QC Chemist

Rui is one of the youngest and brightest members of the NIS scientific team. Mr. Wu has been with NIS since May 2019, spearheading the company’s Research and Development efforts at our Headquarters in Avenel, NJ.   Rui was born and grew up in Nanjing, the capital of six ancient dynasties of China. He was fascinated by Chemistry since Middle School. Later, after majoring in Biology in college, he continued his education in the field of Chemistry, focusing on Nanotechnology. Mr. Wu holds a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Today, Rui lives in New Jersey with his fiancé and enjoys traveling and other outdoor activities.


How would you describe a typical day at NIS Lab?


As part of a technical group, a typical day could involve following up with NIS’s busy production schedule. Our first and foremost priority is our customer’s projects. We help our worldwide clients solve various industrial, meaning real-world issues, with our technology of IF-WS2. It involves a lot of lab tests and Quality Control procedures. Sometimes, this might seem tedious; however, I always remember that our products’ quality is the number one priority. That is very important.


What is your most favorite task there?


My most favorite task is the R&D, new product or formulation development, of course. No two days are the same! Introducing solid submicron particles of IF-WS2 into different systems, like oil, water, solvents, etc., could be challenging. You have to consider a lot of factors. The process involves repeated experimentation with various substances to achieve the desired characteristics in the final product: e.g., dropping point, weld load, anti-corrosion, or extreme pressure properties, in other words, effectiveness and the best performance. Developing the right formulation in the laboratory is a very intensive process and a very rewarding one.



How would you describe your job to your friends? 


I tell them that I am applying innovative nanotechnology to reduce friction and wear issues related to our everyday lives.


What has drawn you to NIS, and what sets NIS apart from other nanotechnology companies?


The prospect of working with the unique nanotechnology of IF-WS2 was why I applied for a job at NIS. Then I fell in love with a great team. And what sets NIS apart is that we deal with a fascinating cutting-edge technology that no one else in the world has access to. Only our company has the knowledge, capacity, and patents to produce inorganic submicron particles of tungsten disulfide in a fullerene (nearly spherical) form. Some companies only claim to use nanotechnology, while NIS leads the efforts in applying the nanotechnology of IF-WS2 into as many industries as possible.

Nanotechnology Metalworking Fluid IF-WS2 Formulated