Celebrate Spring

From the desk of NIS’s CEO, Dr. George Diloyan


The famous Passover question “Why is this night different from all other nights?” is likely to resonate and set off debates around the zoom rooms this year. In an extraordinary effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,  a festival of freedom will be celebrated under isolation and shelter-in-place orders. Easter Bunny visits and community Easter egg hunts are canceled.  Most churchgoers won’t be able to enter a place of worship on this Easter Sunday, but an exception is being made for Andrea Bocelli, who will perform a concert that night at the historic Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy, to be offered as a global live-stream on YouTube. Bocelli’s solo performance Music for Hope should be a magnificent event we all can enjoy no matter where we are right now.


Celebrating apart, we stay together.  I’m honored to work with such a great and talented individuals as each member of NIS’ international team is. I would like to wish to everyone great health, safety and great spirit! In this uncertain times families,  friendship and support are the most important.


To our partners and customers from all of us at NIS  we wish חג פסח שמח and Happy Easter! 


George Diloyan, PhD
Nanotech Industrial Solutions

Celebrate Spring