Vocabulary Wednesday: NIS

Every Wednesday we introduce a new word and explain how it relates to our company. Last week it was friction, the week before that – lubrication. And this week it’s NISNanotech Industrial Solutions is the only manufacturer of spherical nanoparticles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide IFWS₂. (Click on the image)

These submicron particles provide UNMATCHED extreme pressure (EP), antiwear (AW), antifriction (AF), and shock absorbing properties to various lubricants. Adding IFWS2 means High Efficiency, reduce equipment downtime, lower operational temperature, and minimize the overall cost of ownership. Nanotech additives are ecofriendlynontoxic and safe for the environment,   REACH registered. NIS’s  lubricant ( oilgreasewaterbased  Metalworking fluidadditives may be used in many industrial applications, including miningoil andgas  drillingmetal formingsteel mills,  power plantsrailroad,  moving  freight and  fleet management,  space &  defense.


NIS offers a unique Turnkey (Private Label) Program for grease and  engine (gasoline & diesel) oil additive manufactureres and dealers. Here is what Klondike is saying about Nano additives: “Meet the state-of-the-art lubricant that can reduce your equipment and component downtime by 45%: KLONDIKE  nano Full Synthetic EP-1.5 Grease! The first and only full synthetic nano grease in Canada! We receive a lot of questions about our nano grease, so we’re going to dedicate more posts to sharing details on what makes this product truly unique and remarkable” 

Tested Proven Trusted


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