February 20, 2020

New Water-based Additive is Disrupting the Lubricant Industry

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about lubricants is, without a doubt, oil. People have been using plant and animal fat-based substances for greasing purposes for centuries. Petroleum byproducts came into the picture in the middle of the 19th-hundreds, and they are widely used today. However, fossil oil comes from finite sources. We have to look for an alternative. Secondly, oil is flammable. Thirdly, oil is expensive and pretty challenging to dispose of. The environmental impact of oil-based lubricants is indubitable.


There is a dire need for safer, cleaner, eco-friendlier, and more effective lubricant that does not deteriorate under extreme conditions.

Nanotech Industrial Solutions comes to rescue. As the brand that sets the bar in high-performance additives, Nanotech Industrial Solutions keeps revolutionizing the lubricant industry with advanced tribological packages based on Tungsten Disulfide, or WS₂, which is often referred to as the most lubricious substance on earth.

NIS has recently launched a new water-based lubricant additive that does not contain any oil. There is a common perception that water-based substances could be primarily used as coolants, have no lubricating or extreme pressure properties, and may lead to metal parts rusting. According to NIS’ CEO Dr. George Diloyan, NIS’s IW-5000 Zero-oil Water-based additive beats all odds.


“Water is the best coolant, but it is the worst lubricant. Water does not burn like oil and it is very effective when it comes to reducing the working temperatures. Introducing NIS’s proprietary submicron near-spherical particles of Inorganic Tungsten Disulfide (IF-WS₂) into water-based formulations has changed the rules of industrial lubrication and overall perception on water-based lubricants,” says Dr. Diloyan.

IW-5000 exceeds the demands and needs of the lubricant industry. On the Four-Ball EP Test (ASTM 2783), IW-5000 outperforms its commercially available oil-based competitors by far.



The same great results could be seen on the Four-Ball Coefficient of Friction and Pin-on-Disk tests.



At a much lower treat rate, IW-5000 formulation significantly reduces lubricant disposal costs. NIS’s revolutionary water-based additive can be used for a plethora of industrial applications, ranging from milling and cutting to cooling and coatings. IW-5000 dispersion gives a new way of creating water-based lubricants for the most demanding applications, such as in Mining, Wetalworking, Defence, Air and Space industries, and others. Ask us for your free sample : info@nisusacorp.com  


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  1. Zhimin Liu

    23 Feb 2020 - 03:35

    1 The product is of course very functional for friction reduction and wear protection, but for the coolant, any enhancement on performance like rust inhibition and corrosion prevention?
    2For other application like in gear oil, what about the dispersancy? can it form a stable colloid or solution without any impact on other additive components existing in oil?
    3Any test on oil seal? any impact on the rubber wear and potential leakage

    • Regina

      25 Feb 2020 - 20:00

      Hello Mr. Zhimin Liu. Thank you for your questions.

      First of all, I would like to separate 2 dispersions we have IW-5000 – is water-based. The third-party data is showing about 20% improvement in heat transfer property of water. Cush effect is quite common for homogeneously dispersed metal-based solids.

      However, in addition to cooling capacity, IW-5000 possesses very high extreme pressure properties (800+kgf at 2.75-3.25% dosage), as well as antiwear and antifriction. Please bear in mind IW-5000 is a water-based dispersion. Besides cooling and tribological performances IW-5000 gives some corrosion inhibiting properties, however, we do recommend to add and adjust corrosion inhibitors, antifoams, biocides according to your specification targets. We can recommend some components to add to your request.

      For the second point. Stability is very important for any solid in liquid dispersions. IF-WS2 are not soluble thus stability can not be tested using the same methods as for soluble oil additives. Impact on other additives needs to be discussed further. Any additive requires balancing and adjustment to create a stable and fully formulated lubricant.

      IF-WS2 or Inorganic Fullerene like Tungsten Disulfide is a new generation of already known one of the best solid lubricants on the earth: Tungsten Disulfide, or WS2.

      We haven’t seen any effect on rubber and seals.

      George Diloyan, PhD

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