It is Time to Upgrade Your Lubricants

Upgrade your Lurbricant

We live with evolution every day. Without noticing, we ‘upgrade’ all the time.

The car we drive today, the phone we use, even simple things such as the coffee machine we make our drinks with. What’s fit for purpose today is outdated and compromised tomorrow as research and development bring innovations to tackle fresh challenges.

Lubricants are no different, with end-users demanding increasing performance and solutions to address an even broader range of requirements.

Conventional lubricants have been around for decades and are generally accepted UNTIL there’s a better solution…

“What if you could run your equipment for longer?”

It’s a question we often pose to our customers. Mining, Construction, Farming, Marine and Aerospace; all 24/7 industries reliant on heavy equipment operating reliably and efficiently for maximum output.

So if you increase service intervals and operate equipment for longer;

  • You immediately reduce the cost of ownership of equipment, downtime, and energy consumption, which directly impacts the bottom line. An easy ‘win’ for little effort.
  • Efficiency increases, and extending equipment life through less wear not only drives down cost but helps improve productivity and output.
  • Carbon emissions and waste removal is reduced, helping the company meet tougher legislation and compliance obligations.

And there’s more; new technologies, smart machines, and automation, and data-driven insights are helping operators optimize how they deploy their equipment. This means machines operating in changing environments – different loads, speed, temperature, and humidity – are more important than ever.

Extreme performance with nanotechnology

It’s around these principles that next-gen nanotech lubricants have been developed to specifically address more advanced requirements and overcome shortcomings in traditional lubricants.

Conventional MOS2 lubricants are made up of platelet-like structures, have a limited area of applications, and demonstrate moderate performance.

Our unique patented nanotechnology of inorganic fullerene-like particles of tungsten disulfide (IF-WS2) uses nearly spherical submicron particles that roll between working surfaces and reduce friction.

Thanks to an onion-like structure, IF-WS2 particles exfoliate under pressure, leaving a thin but strong tribofilm. This protects surfaces under extreme dynamic and static loads as well as shear and shock conditions.

The particles fill up the asperities, cracks and roughness on metal surfaces and prevent crack propagation and growth.

The result?

End users that ‘upgrade’ and make the switch to nanotech lubricants are reducing maintenance costs with instant improvements:

  • Up to 35% reduction in friction and equipment wear
  • Reduced downtime and extend equipment life
  • Reduced fuel consumption and operational costs
  • Better performance under extreme conditions

With over $100m invested in research and development over 20 years to produce nanotech lubricants trusted worldwide, there’s never been a better time to upgrade.

See for yourself how heavy equipment operators improved performance and reduced ownership costs.