Techenomics is our proud new distributor

“Techenomics is proudly distributing the WS2 additives across Australia because the technology developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions Corporation (NIS) helps maximize the life and performance of lubricants and greases, thereby complementing the total fluid management services offered by Techenomics.”

Avenel, New Jersey: Nanotech Industrial Solution (NIS) proudly announces Techenomics as their new exclusive Australian distributor. Techenomics will also Distribute in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and all other parts of the world where the company has local representation.

“It’s been a great pleasure to work with the team at Techenomics and watching this relationship grow. Having them [Techenomics] as our exclusive Australian distributor is going to help open the market for our IF-WS2 additive that we couldn’t do alone,” says Itsik Havakuk, Vice President of International Sales.

In a recent article published by Chris Adsett, CEO Techenomics International, he states, “We showcased these value-adding projects in a series of forums in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia in the past few weeks, including Indonesia Miner in Jakarta.” Chris continues by stating, “…Tungsten disulfide (WS2) caged nano particles enable clients to get more from their oil and lubricants, thus decreasing fuel consumption, reducing engine wear and maintenance intervals, and, importantly, reducing harmful emissions.” You can read the full article here.

As the relationship between Nanotech Industrial Solution [NIS] and Techenomics developed they both recognized the outstanding possibilities that NIS’s nano and sub-micron spherical sized particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide could bring to their fluid management services. In one such instance, a three month trial was held at an Indonesian coal project, where WS2 was added to Total Rubio T177400 15W-40 diesel engine oil used in a Komatsu HD 465-7 Dump Truck with a Cummins SAA6D 120 E-5 engine. Engine oil life was extended 43% from 500 hours to 717 hours, fuel consumption decreased 7%, fuel burn rate decreased 4.7% compared with the previous three months, engine speed increased 3% and rear exhaust temperature decreased 4%. To see the test results please click here. –

With our wide range of products NIS will find itself surrounded by experts that have been in the industry since 1988 that have a proven track record of monitoring oils and greases.

About Techenomics
Techenomics has distributed specialty lubricants to the mining industry throughout Australia and Indonesia for over 20 years. In 1988, Techenomics introduced proactive condition monitoring and fluid management services.

Today, Techenomics focuses on it’s Total Fluid Management Services (TFMS), operating three ISO 9001 accredited laboratories and consulting services. These laboratories are located in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. They all conduct lubricant analysis on used oils and greases, and analysis of wear debris.
TFMS are operated by site-based teams who establish and maintain condition monitoring programs, and manage the total lubricant cycle at the clients’ facilities. Their biggest client is BHP Billiton.

Our consulting services focus on tribology; lubrication practices, product application, component wear, lubrication management and training programs. Our engineers design and build unique solutions to improve component life. Our training programs are custom developed for clients. (They are not generic programs.) They aim to eliminate customers’ specific problems and are always results-orientated.

These consulting services are often used in continuous improvement programs.
Techenomics’ lubrication and fuel services reduce maintenance costs for mobile and fixed plant equipment, irrespective of the industry.