From the desk of NIS's CEO, Dr. George Diloyan

March 25, 2020


Good Day,

Nanotech Industrial Solutions’ mission is to protect our staff from the Coronavirus spread and to honor our commitment to clients and partners despite global market turmoil.


While some members of our international team are already working from the safety of their home, others are still coming to NIS/NML offices and plants in the US and Israel to ensure the safety and prompt timing of IF-WS2 Formulated line manufacturing. NIS is not planning on halting production or slowing down the shipments, because every working machinery or equipment still needs to be lubricated timely and adequately.


To our clients and partners, once again, we would like to say please be safe and remember we are always just an email or a phone call away.


Al the best,

George Diloyan, PhD
Nanotech Industrial Solutions

From the desk of NIS's CEO, Dr. George Diloyan