Meet NIS’s team: Carlos Mussato, our Sales Manager for Latin America

April 10, 2020

Mr. Carlos Mussato, MS

Sales Manager, Latin America


Mr. Carlos Mussato has been working around the clock, promoting NIS’s unique technology and IF-WS2 Formulated products to Latin America countries since the beginning of 2020. Carlos has brought on board his 20+ years of experience in engineering, tribology, and industrial lubrication. Mr. Mussato obtained an MSc. in Material Science from Unicamp, SP, with a focus on surface engineering, heat treatment, and high-speed steel. He also holds Drivetrain and Chassis technology specialization by FEZ Forschung Entwicklung Zentrale in Germany. Carlos has extensive experience with the application of tribology for transmissions, open gears, cutting tools, combustion engines, and has a successful background of design and customer service for machinery and equipment in the metal mechanic and automotive segment. From 2008 to 2018, Mr. Mussato was working for major international companies, both in Germany and the US., specializing in lubricants and additives. Mr. Mussato resides in Brazil. 


What is the most exciting part of being a part of the NIS International team? 


I am very proud to represent NIS, a leader in lubricant innovations, in my home country Brazil and other Latin American countries. NIS has a unique nanotechnology that gives unmatched tribological results that one else in the World can replicate. So, when I meet potential customers, it is imperative to let them know that they will not be able to find the results our products give anywhere else.



What is the most challenging part of introducing NIS’s technology to Latin and Central America? 


Probably the time difference between Rio and New York. Jokes aside, being away from the HQ could sometimes be challenging, because you cannot simply walk over to the Lab and ask our tech experts a simple question. However, we are the new generation of high-tech companies, so no distance is a problem. We teleconference a lot, and it is like being in the same room. NIS’s scientists and engineers are always available to answer my or my clients’ questions. Recently, NIS’s CEO, Dr. Diloyan, started these new training Webinar sessions, and they are a tremendous tool not only for me but for all of my customers and colleagues in different countries. I am working with 18 countries, and luckily, I speak the most common local languages – Spanish and Portuguese, so introducing NIS’s unique technology to Latin and Central America is not a challenge to me personally. I am confident and open to my customers and this is what they see right away. It is also very important to come and meet the clients in person. Latin American countries once were rated “The Most Emotional” in the World. So, personal contact is fundamental for building customer relationships and gaining trust.


What is the most common question that you get asked by your customers?

All of my clients want to see real results from other companies that have used our formulations: a field trial results or case studies. So, I always have these files ready on my laptop. I’ve been asked if NIS’s IF-WS2 is toxic or not. It’s good to know that according to our REACH certification, Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide particles are not toxic. It all depends on the application it will be used in.



Do you have a specific strategy when it comes to the first meeting with potential customers? 


Of course! First of all, you have to be on time. Punctuality is one of the most critical impressions one can make. Then I start my conversation by asking if the person or a company is happy with the results their machinery and lubricant have right now. Even if my counterpart says “yes,” I ask them if they would like to get better results, cut downtimes, save equipment, and money. IF-WS2 is the next best thing since the sliced bread.

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