What is a Gearbox?

It’s a contained gear train, or a mechanical unit or component consisting of a series of integrated gears within a housing. It alters torque and speed between a driving device like a motor and a load. As with other equipment and machines, the successful operation and long life of a gearbox are directly related to proper lubrication. 


One Answer to Improve Gearbox Performance 


Gearboxes could be called the “beating hearts” of many drives and industrial power transmission systems. Like human hearts, gearboxes are complex, and they need attention. Ignored, they eventually fail. There is, of course, several possible culprits, like high operating temperature, vibration, and excessive noise. All of the above might be traced back to lubrication. Continuing the analogy, one can say that lubrication to gearboxes is like blood to the heart. The smooth and efficient operation and long life of a gearbox depend on proper lubrication. Gear oil or grease should keep components cool and protect the gearbox from excessive wear. Regardless of the lubrication method used, the right type of lubricant is vital to gearbox performance. Most of the industrial oil and grease manufacturers claim to be “the best on the market.” Only one truly stands out: The IF-WS2 Formulated Tribological Package. It protects equipment longer, reduces maintenance needs, and lowers overall expenses. IF-WS2 Formulated reduces friction between metal parts and lowers operating temperatures, thus protecting the gearbox from excessive wear and unnecessary downtime.     

 A sudden spike in the gearbox operating temperatures might be a sign that an oil change is needed. IF-WS2 Formulated Tribological package with superior antiwear, antifriction properties takes your gearbox maintenance to the next level. 

Inorganic Fullerene-Like nanoparticles of Tungsten Disulfide act tiny ball bearings, rolling between the contact surfaces apart. Under the extreme pressure of the gearbox, the IF-WS2 onion-like structure exfoliates and leaves a protective layer on the surfaces. A thin film between the meshing gear teeth keeps them from actually contacting each other. Moreover, the IF-WS2 particles will “heal” the damaged surfaces by filling in the cracks and reconditioning the asperities. 

The cost of a gearbox downtime could be overwhelming. Save time and money, choose IF-WS2 Formulated.