What is Lubrication? (featuring IF-WS2 Formulated)

Do you know what is Lubrication? Don’t goolge it, we’re here to help!   




Lubrication is the process of using a lubricant to reduce friction and/ or & wear in contact between two surfaces. Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide (IF-WS2) Formulated lubricant additive improve antifriction and antiwear properties of any conventional oil, grease, metalwokring fluids and etc.

IF-WS2 Formulated additives may be used in Mining, Construction, Marine, Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, and other many other industrial applications. Nanotech Industrial Solutions is leading research in nanotribology and nanotechnology. Here, at NIS, we are constantly improving our proprietary IF-WS2 formulations to tailor NIS’ customers’ needs for oil, grease, metalworking fluids, and other industrial lubricants and coatings. 

IF-WS2 Formulated additive improves tribological properties of any conventional lubricant.

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