Remember that time? Well, it’s long gone, but we are here and we still can

Don’t let your business get stuck in the past, grow it with our help. Our expertise field might be nano, but it is not a small matter. This summer NIS is offering something unique indeed: we are ready to share NIS’ unmatched technology to those who are ready to take a leap into the future. A partnership with NIS will allow you to create a highly competitive line of products, leverage benefits from cutting edge technology and beat your competition.  Most importantly, your company stays in charge of the entire process and the end product.

The distinctive spherical morphology of NIS’ IF-WS2 particles allows them to roll between the metal surfaces of engines and other equipment, lowering friction by up to 30%. Decreased friction leads to reduced operating temperatures, metal wear, and overall production cost. While standard additives offer moderate tribological properties, the spherical IF-WS2 particles are designed to have dozens of concentric layers so they excel under extreme pressure, load and impact.

Let NIS’ IF-WS2 particles do their work: improve oil or grease performance rate, extend wear protection, widen operating temperature range, and help you reap the benefits, while your company rises to the top.