Join us at The 5th ICIS and ELGI Industrial Lubricants Conference along with George Diloyan on June 20th at 9:00 am to learn about trends in industrial greases, performance additives and insights into performance-cost analysis for industrial grease.

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About The 5th ICIS and ELGI Industrial Lubricants Conference
Are you up to date with formulation requirements for higher-performance lubricants? What are the latest insights from the end applications that will affect your business strategy moving forward? Where are the key opportunities to capitalise on within metalworking fluids?
The industrial lubricants market is an evolving one, focused heavily on producing higher quality and better performing lubricants that are meeting the ever-changing demands of the industrial sectors served, including, but not limited to, food production, marine, rail, gearboxes and transmission, power generation and turbines, construction, mining, agriculture equipment.

For the 5th edition of this global conference in Europe, the focus will be on the requirements of lubricants of the future and the innovations in formulations to meet these needs. As a conference that tackles both the technical challenges but also the commercial opportunities within the industrial sector, the ICIS & ELGI Industrial Lubricants Conference is the meeting place for the whole industrial lubricants sector, bringing together over 450 attendees since launch from Canada to China.