Nanotech Industrial Solutions is proud to announce that our subsidiary, NanoMaterials, has been accredited quality management standard – ISO 9001:2015, according to the International Organization for Standardization.


NML’s ISO 9001 certificate applies to research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of nanosized materials, including our proprietary submicron particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide, and various products based on IF-WS2.  


As part of the ISO 9001 certification process, NanoMaterials (formerly known as ApNano) engaged in a rigorous audit of our business processes and product quality environments. It would not be possible without the tremendous efforts and dedication of NML’s QC manager Ms. Sofi Grobman, EHS officer Ms. Liat Ecker and NML’s General Manager, Mr. Boris Krichevsky. Their expertise and experience delivered stellar results.  


It was only last year that NML was awarded ISO 14001 certification for the implementation of a comprehensive Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 recognized our company’s commitment to identifying, managing and reducing the impact on the environment from its operations in Yavne, Israel. We, at NIS, are convinced that to protect our Planet from human-made contamination (even accidental toxic chemical release), industrial companies must establish and implement strict environmental policies. Chemical companies, in particular, should not only upgrade their products in line with new EPA regulations but also the manufacturing process as a whole.  


From the earliest days of NanoMaterials and later Nanotech Industrial Solutions, we have consistently released innovative technologies and materials designed to Engineer a Stronger Tomorrow and help lubricant manufacturers and end-users reach the best possible results. Our motto Engineering a Stronger Tomorrow reflects our firm belief that industrial lubricants, additives, and coatings should serve several purposes besides lubricating. IF-WS2 Formulated materials are designed to benefit not only the moving parts and mechanisms but also the machinery as a whole. Our products are formulated to save metal surfaces from wear, protect them from premature failure, reduce owners’ and operators’ expenses, and save our Planet from harmful chemicals. “IF-WS2 Formulated” drives everything we do, including our efforts to become a more sustainable business.  


We are incredibly proud of NanoMaterial’s achievement of ISO 9001 certification. Nanotech Industrial Solutions will strive to preserve the quality of our innovative products and service always.

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