Water-based Additives

NIS manufactures a variety of lubricant additives to allow max performance for different mechanical applications. Our proprietary IF-WS₂ Formulated products lower friction, heat, and reduce wear. At the same time, contact pressure causes submicron spheres to release tribofilms that attach to surface asperities and smooth them. As a result, IF-WS₂ Formulated lubricants help in reducing friction up to 35%, decreasing wear up to 37%, extending equipment life, and reducing overall costs.

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Zero-oil tribological package (additive) based on inorganic nanostructured fullerene-like tungsten disulfide (IF-WS₂). Recommended to use in formulating synthetic, semi-synthetic, emulsion


This additive is based on IF-WS₂ dispersed solids with polymeric surfactants. In addition to EP/AW/AF properties IW-4100 provides surface binding, adhesion,


High performing Anti-Wear, Anti-Friction, and Extreme Pressure water-based additive. Use for metalworking and non-flammable water-soluble lubricants with superior cooling properties.