IW-4000 AW / AF / EP Water Based Additive

High performing Anti-Wear, Anti-Friction, and Extreme Pressure water-based additive
Use for metalworking and non-flammable water-soluble lubricants with superior cooling properties

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    Case Studies

    To be Updated. Meanwhile, please contact our sales representatives for more info on the field trials. 

    Here is one of our videos about IF-WS2 Formulated Metalworking Fluid Trials: 

    PDS (TDS)

    Format: Water-based Dispersion


    • Pail
    • Drum
    • IBC (Tote)
    Tech Specs

    Color: Black
    Treat Rate:

    • Finished lubricant: 0.25% – 4% by weight
    • MWF concentrates: 4% – 30% by weight


    • at 77°F: 12.000 – 15.000 lb/ gal
    • at 25°C: 1.440 – 1.800 g/ml

    Safety: REACH Compliant

    • Superior Extreme Pressure protection. Very low wear even under high load
    • Improves heat transfer properties of water by up to 20%
    • Can be used to formulate synthetic, semi-synthetic, emulsion MWF or any other water-miscible lubricating fluid
    • Safe: does not contain chlorinated paraffins
    • Reduces coefficient of friction
    • Can be used from low to high temperatures
    • Will not smoke