Nanotech Industrial Solutions proudly announces Solvochem as a new Authorized Distributor

Tony Jouzy Director of Solvochem FZCO says, “We are extremely thrilled to be working with a company that has a well-established and proven new technology to serve the lubricants industry. To say we are excited is an understatement. We know after our extensive education and seeing NIS’s nanotechnology that it can greatly improve lubrication products with less friction and greater wear protection and many other advantages.”

Solvochem has a rich and credible history dating back thirty-seven years working with international companies and assisting with their distribution. With the todays growing demands for higher quality products, Solvochem has already established themselves in the Jebel Ali Free Zone-Dubai U.A.E with new offices and warehouses ready to serve the gulf region and other neighboring countries and to continue expanding their scope of operations.

With their comprehensive expertise in bulk and packed distribution of chemicals and liquid oils, they continue to build strong alliances around the world. The addition of nanotechnology in their product line further proves that they are looking to cement their future as a true global presence.

“Solvochem will open some giant doors for us with their GCC, Middle Eastern and Levant countries and African distribution networks. Having our nanotechnology in the region will assist NIS to continue establishing itself as a global brand. We share their excitement and look forward to an beneficial and fruitful relationship.” mentions Todd Cawley, NIS’s VP of Global Sales and Marketing.